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Video Booth

Our Video Booth Is The Perfect Addition To Any Special Occasion.

Get creative with VideoFX! Your guests can record videos and add fun effects like slow motion, pop art, green screen, and cook glitches - all in the booth!


Want to personalize your booth experience even more? VideoFX lets you add into/outro videos and even sounds to each recording. It's a powerful tool that unleashes your creativity!

A video booth is an exciting and unique way to capture memories at any event.

Guest record shareable videos in the booth! Capture memories and laughs that friends and family will love.

Turn you event into lasting memories with VideoFX! Guests can record videos in the booth and easily share them with loved ones.


Renting a video booth for an event is a great way to ensure that guests have an enjoyable experience. It also provides an interactive way to record and share memories with friends and family. Video booths use the latest tech to capture lasting memories in a fun way!

Our Video Booth is the perfect addition to any special occasion. It’s great for baby showers, weddings, parties and corporate events. Guests can record short video messages or take part in a hilarious group video.


You can also pair it with our regular photo booth to create an even more memorable experience. We make sure that you get to keep the videos as a unique memento of your special day. Book now to add our Video Booth to your next event.

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