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ABOUT shareen

Making Memories out of Moments

With an interest in technology and art, photography soon became a passion for this devoted Photographer. They began by shooting photos of family members, friends and nature, and soon developed their own personal style. Deciding on a career in photography in 2013 was the easiest choice they have ever made, and they’ve never looked back. They use the best equipment available, and hold pre-shot consultations with clients to get a better understanding of their vision and preferences. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

Creating your moments

The first step in our process is to catch up for an in person no obligation chat, over a nice beverage, or at the very least do a video call and connect that way. The goal is to understand exactly what puts a smile on your face, to get to appreciate the things that really get you excited. This is probably the most important step to us because it informs how we capture your images so that when you look back in a few days, weeks and even years, you and your loved ones will feel that special connection to the event all over again! My photography philosophy is simplicity and authenticity. It is all about documenting those practiced ‘magazine’ shots, as well as those moments of laughter, the tears of joy and even the somewhat unpolished moments, because it all blends together to tell an authentic story that is never to be forgotten.