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Shareen Malieka Photography offers you stunning photography services for your special events. Our event galleries showcase our professional work, giving you a visual look at the stunning pictures we can produce.

An event gallery is the perfect way to showcase the images from your photography event. A gallery gives you the opportunity to display a large number of images in an organized and visually appealing way.


By presenting your images in a gallery format, you are able to make an impactful impression on your viewers. Additionally, galleries make it easy for viewers to browse through the images and find the perfect shot.


With an event gallery, you can easily highlight your best work and showcase the memorable moments from your event.

At our photography studio, we offer an event gallery as an add-on to our packages. Our event gallery is a mini password-protected website, where you can share your photos with your family and friends.


This gallery allows for convenient online photo viewing and purchasing. Your guests can purchase their favorite photos directly from the gallery, with a secure and easy checkout process.


We guarantee that all images are of the highest quality and will provide your guests with prints that they will love and cherish. Our event gallery offers a unique and convenient way to share your special memories with the people you care about.

Pink 2 layer Cake with roses
Pink and White Decor for Bridal Shower
Green and White cake pops
80th Birthday Party Decor
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