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Photo Booths

Photo Booths Was Designed to Make Events Exciting

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We go above and beyond in order to show you why we’re the best option for your needs, which include special features to ensure your top satisfaction. Read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.

Gifs and Bursts
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The reason why you need to rent a photo booth

The main benefits of a Photo booth are it gives your guests something to do at your event.


It can also add some measure of fun and excitement with their pictures that they can take home with them and share on social media.


Photo booths can be rented for almost any event for the whole day or just for a few hours and you only pay for each photo strip or book of photos taken in the booth.


Our Photo Booth Features

Slow Motion Video

Slow motion photo booths use video rather than stills to create a unique experience and souvenir of your event.

Animated Gifs

Create a buzz with GIF Animations.Guests can take a series of photos that thesoftware will combine to create an excitingstop animation that can be shared.

Green Screen (add-on)

Our green screen feature provides a live preview (if you have a physical green screen) of your guests super-imposed on a background of your choosing. Green screen works for still, GIF and Burst with the use of a physical green screen backdrop or our integrated AI background removal.

Gifs Burst/Boomerang Gifts

Our Burst experience captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates agreat live-action “photo”. Select reverse tocreate awesome "boomerang-like" GIFsready for sharing.


You can either set a preset filter which will automatically apply to all photos taken, or you can allow your guests to choose from a variety of different filters when they take their photo.
Enable filters at your next event to create a fun experience more suitable for your theme.


Top Tip: Our "beautify" filter is a real crowd winner.

Animated Gifs

Create a buzz with GIF Animations. Guests can take a series of photos that the software will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared.


VideoFX gives your guests the ability to
record videos, and add some awesome
effects and filters such as slow-mo, pop
art, green screen and glitch. You can also
add intro/outro videos and audio to each
recording. VideoFX is a really powerful
tool which allows your creativity to flow

Snappic Enterprise

Photo Booth Filters

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Contact us now to learn more about our different booth offerings.


Photo Booth

Virtual Booth

360 Photo Booth

Video Booth

Glam Booth

iPad Booth

DSLR Booth

Competition Booth


Photo Booth Fun!

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