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Event Photography

Event photography goes beyond just capturing snapshots; it's about preserving the essence and emotions of a gathering. Here's why events are so important to document with photography:

  • Preserving Memories: Events are whirlwinds of activity, filled with fleeting moments and details that can easily slip away. Skilled event photographers capture these precious moments, allowing you to relive the laughter, joy, and excitement long after the event itself.

  • Telling a Story: A great event photographer doesn't just document people; they capture the energy, atmosphere, and story of the event. Through carefully composed images, they showcase the event's purpose, the emotions of the participants, and the overall experience.

  • Sharing the Experience: Event photography allows you to share the experience with those who couldn't attend. Family and friends who are far away can feel included by viewing photos that capture the essence of the event.

  • Marketing and Promotion: For businesses and organizations, event photography is a powerful marketing tool. High-quality photos can be used to showcase the success of an event, attract sponsors for future gatherings, and generate interest in future events.

  • Creating a Lasting Record: Event photography creates a lasting record of a special occasion. Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, a conference, or a product launch, photographs provide a tangible way to revisit the event and all that transpired.


In essence, event photography captures the magic of a gathering, preserving memories, emotions, and the event's unique story for years to come.

Shareen Malieka Photography offers you stunning photography services for your special events.

Group of people poses for a photo
photo of a desert table set outside for a bridal shower
a photo of a tall cake with white icing decorated with green and pink followers and a cake topper that says future Mrs.
Photo of a lady posing in front of a white and green flowers in a glass vase
Five ladies posing and smiling
Lady wearing shiny Rose Gold dress sitting with left cross posing taking a picture
A candid photo Lady smiling where pink dress smiling looking down
Photo of a table filled with assorted cold cuts, fruits, cheese, breads and spreads
Photo of a lady wearing multicolor short  dress with a microphone in her hand
a photo of a cart with assorted desert with green, white and gold Balloon Garland for a baby shower
A group of ladies taking a photo in front of a green grasslike backdrop
Small gold table with green cake pops with green and white straw sticking out of cake pop
Three ladies posing in front of a green grasslike backdrop
A group of ladies dressing in African garments posing
jpgParth_ElizabethShah_Wedding Video.00_01_13_08.Still004jpg-focus.jpg
jpgParth_ElizabethShah_Wedding Video.00_01_24_04.Still007jpg-focus.jpg
jpgParth_ElizabethShah_Wedding Video.00_01_15_12.Still005jpg-focus.jpg
jpgParth_ElizabethShah_Wedding Video.00_01_48_12.Still008jpg-focus.jpg
jpgParth_ElizabethShah_Wedding Video.00_02_18_10.Still011jpg-focus.jpg
80th Birthday Party Decor
jpgSequence 01.00_26_03_16.Still005jpg-focus.jpg
jpgSequence 01.00_01_21_00.Still001jpg-focus.jpg
jpgSequence 01.00_08_21_15.Still002jpg-focus.jpg
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