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Bride laughing during her pre wedding photo session

Wedding and Event Photography

We Capture Emotions,
           Not Images

You've been planning this wedding for months, maybe even years. You've picked out the dress, booked the venue, and made sure every detail is exactly how you want it.


But how will you remember this day? How will you make sure that all of your friends and family can get a look at how beautiful it was? The answer is simple: by having us shoot it!

Romantic Lakeside

Bride and Groom stare at each other at the alter
Groom kisses his bride on the cheek by the lake



Full Day

$700 Package Sale

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • After Wedding Session

  • No Reception

  • High quality photos

Prices starting at $3000

  • Pre-Wedding Session

    • Bride​

    • Groom

  • First Looks (Optional)

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • After Wedding Session

  • Bride and Groom Session

  • Reception

  • All photos on flash drive

  • Photo Website Gallery

  • Photo Album

  • Highlight Video

  • Gift for Bride & Groom

Half Day

Prices starting at $1500

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • After Wedding Session

  • Reception 

  • Small 4x6 Album

  • All photos on flash drive

Elegant Traditional and African Wedding 

Groom and Bride Posing to take a picture

Why is it so important to hire  professional photographers?

Professional wedding photography is essential to perfecting your long-term memories, ensuring that you can look back on this momentous occasion with crystal clear clarity and vivid detail.

Shareen Malieka Photography captures the beauty and emotion of your special day in stunning photographs that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Bride and Groom first dance at thier reception

Summer Brooklyn Wedding

Mr and Mrs looks out athe water on rooftop in Brooklyn
Bride and Groom share a kiss at the alter


A Bride laughs with her new husband while overlooking the water
“OMG, there's not enough words for me to express how I was so satisfied with Shareen work. I loved my pictures and short film that was created for my wedding. Shareen made my vision come alive and I will definitely use her again."


Quatrina Porter

Bride holding a green flower behind her back


It is my mission to ensure that the memories of your special day are remembered long after your wedding is over.


I provide a wide range of services that take care of all of your needs.  Get in touch to schedule a video call today.

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